Citizens and denizens of Dead Man's Hand painted by some of the best painters in the hobby.

Paul Cubbin

Paul "Dead Eye" Cubbin, part man, part painting machine, he has the ability to shrink himself down to 28mm to allow him to paint the pupils and iris of each of his figures eyes....

Paul painted the figures which feature on the front of each Dead Man's Hand box sets, a mighty fine job he did too.

I'm your huckleberry     Preacher my Ass

I like the way you die boy     This town's gonna burn

Dave Woodward

Dave "The Hat" Woodward, may be known to many people as "that painter chap in the baseball cap", to us he's known as a top fella and all round good egg.  Dave has painted the Desperado Gang, we particularly love the Charro suit on the Mexican lad with the pistol and the stripey trousers on the guy with the shotgun.

Desperado Leader     Desperado Killer

Desperado 1     Desperado 2

Desperado 3     Desperado 4

Desperado 5


Phil Hendry

Dr Phil is a prolific painter and a well known name in wargaming circles. We love the pallette of colours Phil has chosen for his Outlaws and Cowboys; each group appears unified but each model is individual. The two gangs are visually different from each other and Phil says he achieved these great results by simply block painting and adding a coat of Army Painter with a brush! He says, " I don't bother with the 'highlight where needed' - I wait until the 'dip' is going quite tacky, and then 'drybrush' the areas that need a highlight (things like white shirts) with a brush moistened in white spirit - it 'lifts off' any dip which is staining the high areas and works just about as well as highlighting over the top of the 'dip'." Nice tip!

Phil Hendry Outlaws          Phil Hendry Cowboys