Many of the items in this category are split into seasonal types. These are Spring, Summer, Early Fall and Late Fall/Winter. The products within these categories match the season, so tufts with a Spring title are a light green; any leaves, flowers or blossom, etc., will be rich colours matching the season. The products with a Late Fall or Winter title are a light brown colour; any leaves, flowers or blossom, etc., will be more faded colours or in the case of leaves browns and oranges. These are the original Silflor products and offer you better value than other companies that sell tufts in smaller sheets at inflated prices. Tuft comparison In the picture above the size of tufts that you get in the packs that we sell at £4.50 each is pictured at the top. By comparison tufts sold by another popular brand at £4 per pack are pictured below ours.

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